In 2023 the collaboration between ARTEFORA, the Daugavpils Mark Rothko Art Center and the Italian Embassy in Riga, Latvia was born. Thanks to the interaction of the three institutions, a selection process has been launched for candidate artists to participate in the XI edition of the International Symposium on Graphics organized by the Mark Rothko Art Center in Latvia, a two-week residency project.

On the occasion of the Turin International Book Fair and in the spaces of Edicola 51, ARTEFORA organized the artistic project The Empire of Signs which welcomed 19 artists from different nations who confronted themselves with the renowned essay by Roland Barthes through exhibitions, performances and conferences. The event coordinated by Ernesto Morales was organized in collaboration with the MAO Museum of Oriental Art, Edizioni ADD, Nottetempo editori, Effequ, and with the patronage of District 1 of Turin.

In June 2023, the Triangle exhibition was held in the spaces of Studio 52 in Munich (Germany), born from the collaboration between ARTEFORA, Studio 52 (MUC) and Mothership (NYC) with artists from different countries of the world.

As part of the programming of the Festival delle Colline 2023 ARTEFORA has created the project “Riprendiamoci per mano”, a workshop path aimed at girls and boys from primary schools in the area, divided into two practical sessions held in the Municipalities of Barbaresco and Neive in the Langhe and merged into the restitution of the works created during the meetings through a collective exhibition set up in the spaces of the Artefora Association.

In November 2022 on the occasion of the Contemporary Art Week in Turin and Artissima Art Fair, at the spaces of Edicola 51 and with the coordination of Ernesto Morales, ARTEFORA organized the Feat. project which involved 22 artists from 8 different countries in the creation of exhibitions and performances.

In 2021 ARTEFORA landed in the hills of the Langhe with the exhibition Tierra, an exhibition project by the Argentine artist Ernesto Morales set up in the spaces of the medieval tower of Barbaresco, in the courtyard of the eighteenth-century Castello di Neive and in the rooms of the Cisa Asinari estates of the Marchesi di Gresy. Landscape and painting met along a single research perspective centered on the concepts of origin and transformation. The profiles of the Langhe hills have in fact marked the meditative dimension from which the artist’s observation of the horizon was born in the months of research that preceded the exhibition: steep slopes, boundless expanses of rows of vines, cloudy skies, constellations to anchor your gaze to, have circumscribed new areas of exploration for the cycle of works created by Ernesto Morales for the exhibition Tierra.
The project was carried out with the coordination of Marzia Capannolo. The exhibitions were sponsored by the Municipality of Barbaresco, the Municipality of Neive, the Argentine Consulate in Italy and the Regional Council of Piedmont. 20,000 people visited the exhibition in two months.

TIERRA – sede Castello di Neive